Maximized Health Links

Our healthcare system and culture is failing us. Currently, 5 out of 6 people die of heart disease and cancer. We have more diabetes, allergies, asthma, depression and obesity than EVER IN HISTORY. The same old culture gets the same results. Plug in to a NEW culture, it's called Maximized Living. Here are some great web links to help you stay plugged in to a culture that works. Be the 1 out of 6 NOT developing heart disease or cancer!

Every one of our patients should frequent this site and get Dr. Mercola's FREE email newsletter. Visit:

This is a MUST view site. For truly empowering information on medical myths, nutrition warnings and health information that you won't get from your local news, visit:

If you want to raise healthy kids, this is a great resource for you:

Before you even consider "Routine Vaccinations" for your kids, study these sites. NO ONE can keep your child out of public school for not being vaccinated. Know the risks of mass vaccinations and know your rights:

For access to grass-fed beef and raw dairy products, visit: