Maximized Living Patient Testimonials


Pedro Barrios

Samantha Winsett

Faridah Nansubuga

Donna T.

Health Problems: Sinus infections, Carpal Tunnel, headaches, neck and back pain, stomach distress, numbness in my right hand, degenerative disk disease.

What treatments did you try first? Pain killers, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories.

What has Chiropractic done for you? Since starting chiropractic treatment I no longer have carpal tunnel symptoms, numbness in my right hand is gone, my headaches are gone, my stomach pain is gone, and degeneration in my disk has slowed down.  I can walk better; overall my general health is better.

I am not sick…Chiropractic care has saved my live

Joe W.

Health Problems:  Chronic back pain, knee pain, lack of energy, neck mobility, posture and anxiety.

What treatments did you try first? Prescription medication for anxiety, muscle relaxants for back, coffee for energy.

What has Chiropractic done for you? Since starting chiropractic treatment I am off two prescription medicines, largely back pain free.  Energy is level throughout the day – no dips.  Anxiety under control without drugs.  Neck is much more mobile – can move pain free.  Upright posture seems natural now and not a “chore.”  Feel a more consistent sense of “well-being."

Mary O.

Health Problems:  High Blood pressure, Diabetes, obesity, always tired, joint pain, migraines, chronic back pain What treatments did you try first?    The main one is drugs. My medical doctor told me when I turned 40 that she was going to keep me alive until “I got my act together and started living healthy” I was on 10 medications in addition to aspirin (almost daily for pain) and migraine medication ( intermittently). As for weight loss, I was at goal weight once with Weight Watchers, but did not keep the weight off.  I tried low carb, low fat and even a specific online diabetic diet.  I still could not keep the weight off.

What has Chiropractic done for you? Since starting chiropractic treatment and the Maximized Living Makeover eating plan, I have lost 70 pounds.  I still have diabetes and high blood pressure, but have cut the number and dose of medications in half.  I have not had a migraine since I started and my joint pain is gone.  The biggest change for me has been in the way I eat! During the holidays, I ate my “old” way, although I really could not fully return to my old way of eating.  Not only did I gain some weight, my joints hurt and I felt horrible!   I was relieved to return to my “normal” way of eating (the Maximized Living way)! January 22 is my one year anniversary of my new way of life!  I have a way to go, but I look back and see how far I have come and am amazed!  My goal is to get off all of my medications completely and loose another 40 pounds or so.
I look so totally different that people don’t recognize me. Looking good is important and fun, but the most important thing is that I am on my way to a healthy rest of my life so that I can see my soon to be born grandson grow up!

Michelle Petree

Health Problems:  Lots of back pain, monthly painful periods, sick fairly frequently, depression at times, energy lacking, overweight.

What treatments did you try first? We were totally in the medical model, we took medicine and flu shots, Advil for the pain. I thought that you just had to bear the pain and feeling bad because there wasn't a solution that I knew of.

What has Chiropractic done for you? Since starting chiropractic treatment I first need to say that I thought I was taking my daughter to the chiropractor to treat her headaches, little did I know how much it would benefit our whole family!  I have learned so much!!!  We first noticed how much better we felt after the adjustments.  My back pain is much less now.  My monthly periods are much easier to cope with.  I was well for one whole year and I have never been well that long!  I have removed the chemicals in the cleaners in our home, installed a water purification system, we are using more glass for food storage, using better pans for cooking, etc.  We eat so much healthier now.  I learned that I need more protein than I would have thought a lady should eat.  We use rice milk, Red Bird chicken, grass-fed meats and as much organic food as we can.  We have learned so much about healthier food choices.   I am pretty faithful to make sure I do the home chiro exercises most mornings of the week.  I do burst training and exercise regularly so I have much more energy now.  Dr. Jess and Dr. Eric have taught us so much - this has totally changed our whole family!!  We are so thankful for our recommendation to this office!!

Jennifer G. & Family

Health Problems: 

Jennifer (34) - hypothyroidism, low energy
Jeff (34) - insomnia
Skylar (4) - low immune system, allergies
Addisyn (2) - bad temperament.

What treatments did you try first? Allergy medication, Synthroid

What has Chiropractic done for you? Since starting chiropractic treatment
Jennifer -  no longer takes synthroid and has energy again.
Jeff - sleeps through the night, has lost 20 lbs. 
Skylar - no longer takes allergy meds and did not need additional medication  when she recently had a cold. 
Addisyn - her temperament is much improved and she gives her dolls adjustments.

Frank & Sharee G.

Health Problems: 

Frank - I had constant neck pain with a clicking in my neck every time I rotated my head from side to side, low back pain (so intense at times I could hardly drive), daily tension headaches, problems sleeping through the night and general exhaustion.

Sharee – I had intense sinus headaches which caused me to frequently miss work and basically kept me bed ridden until they passed (this took several days at a time), lower back pain, digestive problems including erosive esophagitis,  and general exhaustion.

What treatments did you try first?

Frank – painkillers (Advil, Excedrin, Ibuprofen, etc.) daily.  I also visited a chiropractor who would adjust me for a time and then would stop until I started having pain again.

Sharee – Painkillers (Advil, Excedrin, Ibuprofen, etc.) frequently for my headaches.  I saw an ear, nose and throat doctor about the headaches.  He have me several nasal sprays and ran a series of tests on my sinuses.  He then recommended a surgery on my nose which I quickly rejected.  I also visited my family doctor for my digestion problems and took Nexium for a short period of time.

What has Chiropractic done for you?

Frank – The neck clicking and pain is completely gone, the daily headaches are very infrequent, if at all, the low back pain is gone and I have no problem driving anymore.  I get a lot more quality sleep, have a lot more energy and feel much healthier.

Sharee – The low back pain is gone, the headaches happen very infrequently and are much less intense when the do happen.  My digestion has greatly improved to a level I never thought was even possible.  I have a lot more energy and feel much healthier.

Jane S.

Health Problems:  I am a 64 year old grandmother.  I’m blessed to say that I am now enjoying a better quality of life than I ever dreamed possible.  In the late 90’s I was diagnosed with a disease called Plymiositis.  My muscles became inflamed and I experienced chronic pain and weakness throughout my body.  Four years of my life were filled with unimaginable dark days.  I could barely walk, talk, or swallow, much less carry on my role as wife and mother of four active teenagers.
What treatments did you try first? Soon after my diagnosis, specialist at University Hospital put me on Prednisone.  My condition did not improve and the side effects of that drug were devastating.  After a two year “trial” I weaned myself off Prednisone, (it took six months), and I began my own quest to recovery.  I sought the help of physical and occupational therapists.  I changed my “prescribed” nutritional diet of milkshakes and instant mashed potatoes to a “diet by God”, full of live, nourishing foods.  I began to exercise, literally one step at a time, walking to the end of my driveway and back each day.  I focused on the positives in my life and was grateful to be alive.  My determination to survive and my hard work to help my body heal itself paid off.  Little by little I began to see improvement.  Although my muscle enzyme levels remain abnormally high and weakness in my arms and legs continued to make everyday activities a challenge, I returned to my job that I dearly loved, my position as a pre-school teacher.  I’m sad to say that I spent nearly seventeen years of my life living in this weakened condition, somehow accepting it and enduring it, believing that this was “as good as it gets.”

What has Chiropractic done for you? In 2003, my neighbor told me about her chiropractic experiences at Saddle Rock Chiropractic Center.  I made an appointment with Dr. Jess  Baldwin for a spinal exam.  I had gone to chiropractors in the past but things were different with Dr. Jess.  He educated me on the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system.  I believe I had perished from lack of knowledge.  Thanks to Dr. Jess I found new hope and vowed to keep my “power turned on” with regular spinal adjustments for the rest of my life.  I rarely miss and appointment and when I do I make it up.  I have attended many of the invaluable, informative workshops offered by the Saddle Rock office.  I learn something new at every appointment about nutrition, exercise, and how to improve my immune system.  I am amazed and grateful that miraculous things seem to be happening to my body as I work with Dr. Jess to help my body heal itself.  For the past two years my muscle enzyme levels have been normal.  My primary physician has no explanation for this.  My muscle strength has improved, I have more energy, I am active with my grandchildren, and basically I have a new lease on life.  I am grateful to God that I have found the best chiropractic care. 


John E.

Health Problems:  I had numbing of the hands, my back muscles were always hurting, lower and upper back pains, constantly, I had a hard time concentrating (brain fog), restless sleeping, lack of energy, digestion problems, Erectile Dysfunction.

What treatments did you try first? I tried muscle massage, a lot of Tylenol and Advil PM with maybe a good stiff drink, muscle relaxers.

What has Chiropractic done for you? Since starting chiropractic treatment I have more energy, the numbness and tingling are completely gone.  No problems with upper and lower back.  I don’t take any pain medication or Advil PM or other drugs.  My thoughts are clear, all digestion problems are gone.  No Erectile Dysfunction.

Marc R.

Health Problems:
1.    Sore neck
2.    Sore back
3.    Sciatica in leg

What treatments did you try first?
1.    Lots of stretching
2.    Tylenol, Aleve
3.    Tylenol PM

What has Chiropractic done for you?
Since starting chiropractic treatment
1.    I have very little neck pain
2.    Back pain has been reduced
3.    Sciatica almost gone
4.    No longer taking Tylenol, Aleve & Tylenol PM